Work Issues

Work issues usually boil down to stress or relationship issues.  However, they can also be about poor concentration, an inability to say ‘no’ when asked to do things, resistance to being told what to do, or an inability to deal with gossiping.  Other issues could include a need to leave your line of work and no wherewithal to do so, being passed over for or not applying for promotion, or to do with being taken advantage of.

Whatever your issue, your subconscious will know something about it that you’re not currently aware of, and will be able to help you to deal with things more easily, with help from Advanced Hypnosis 4U.

A doctor came to us worrying about ailments he didn’t have – his mind had just become rather too good at looking at the worst case scenario.  Once his subconscious realised that it had done that, we were able to help him quickly to rectify the situation.

Whether your situation seems similar or quite different, if you’d like help with work issues of any kind, please contact us.