About Our Hypnotherapy Sessions

The first thing that happens when you come for hypnotherapy with Advanced Hypnosis 4U is that we’ll sit down and talk, so we can find out what you really need and how best we can help you.

We’ll then explain to you:

  • how hypnotherapy works
  • how you have both a conscious mind and a subconscious
  • how they’re different and have different properties, and how these properties make them behave differently
  • how it helps to know this and what you can do with this knowledge for your advantage
  • what to expect during a hypnotherapy session, and why hypnotherapy is such an effective tool to use to help you
  • how your subconscious mind holds all the answers you need to overcome your problem
  • how you’re in control throughout the session and how no one can make you do anything you don’t want to do.

We’ll show you how easy it is to go into a state of hypnosis, and how doing so will give you access to the most receptive part of your mind where you can make changes you can’t make with just your conscious mind.

We’ll also explain to you how those changes come about, the attitude of mind you need to have to achieve them, and then facilitate you to make those changes for yourself, with our guidance.