A little about us

Christine Green MABCH, MCA Hyp, GQHP, GHSC, GHR, CI, NGH

I’m Christine Green and I’m passionate about outstanding results. I love the comments my clients make. For me they’re proof that I’ve made a difference to them. Recently, I was called ‘perceptive and astute’ by one client, and ‘irreplaceable’ by another.  Yet another, when she brought me her friend for help, said, “I know I’m leaving her in safe hands”.

Christine Green

Hypnotherapy is a passion of mine.  I’ve always been excited about hypnosis, since the first day that my first teacher regressed me to a happy childhood memory and I saw my favourite cat that I hadn’t seen for years.  Nothing could have delighted me more.

Since then I’ve taken three different qualifications in hypnotherapy – one with Bill Atkinson-Ball, one with Valerie Austin and one with Brandon Bays. They’re all famous in their own right for, respectively, creating an elegant system of hypnosis, including hypno-healing, being recognised by the President of Malaysia for an outstanding contribution to the country by stopping so many people smoking, and developing an outstanding forgiveness procedure which helps people come to terms with atrocities.

I’ve also studied with so many other teachers at any opportunity I could get, including revisiting my original qualifing course and redoing it 20 years later, studying with Brian Jacobs who later trained me as a trainer, studying with Gill Boyne, Sid Jacobson, Joseph Riggio, Michael Carrol and many more.

My interest in hypnotherapy has had me do twelve years of hypnoanalysis myself, just to fully understand the impact of hypnosis from the inside.  It has also had me do ten years of research to discover how to help people recover from deeply embedded childhood trauma.

If you choose to see me as a client, it’s my aim that you recover fully and that when you leave, you thrive.  If you choose to learn hypnotherapy with me, it’s my aim to have you feel so inspired that you ignite a lifetime’s passion and do great things with it.

Nigel Skinner BSc, ACPT, UKRAH, DipHyp, CH, NGH

I’m caring and supportive yet analytical and able to get to the heart of complex issues, enabling you to maximise your success.

Having previously worked in the computer industry (where I had to integrate and synthesise a lot of information into an easily understandable form), I’m able to take a through, objective look at your whole situation and identify the key threads causing the issue.

Nigel Skinner

I help you understand how many disparate minor issues can combine to create a more significant problem, and work together with you to resolve those issues, putting you back in control of your life.