Testimonials From Our Clients

We love making a difference in people’s lives.  It gives us such a lot of pleasure to know that things are really going well for you.  Your testimonials are so welcome as they help people to know what’s possible for them too, and give us proof of a job well done.

Christine was very understanding and thoughtful when working with my teenage daughter over her ‘hair pulling’.  Her calm, friendly manner enabled my daughter to trust, relax and feel comfortable with the help Christine provided, where nothing else had worked!  Thank you so much for all your support.



Before I met Christine I was expecting a long and painful journey in therapy for a number of years, trying to deal with various life events which were still impacting me now as a young adult.

Since meeting Christine I’ve found therapy doesn’t have to be like that, which is such a relief!  I only have to deal with things as they come up, and Christine has given me the tools and understanding I need to help myself.

As well as being a fantastic therapist, Christine’s Executive Coach for me in my job, which can often be high-speed and high-pressure.  It’s easier to see what my underlying behaviour patterns are, and to change negative ones fast so that I’m more resilient and effective.



Christine is a very lovely, genuine lady. She’s helped me twice – through an abusive relationship in the past and, most recently, some depression. Christine is excellent in the work she does. She’s very relaxing and calming.  I find hypnotherapy an excellent way to target any negative or bad feelings I may be experiencing in the most helpful, positive way.

It’s worked wonders for me and it’s the best move anyone can make in fixing their issues they may have.  My husband calls Christine my ‘magic-lady’, as she does just that and I now feel great.  Thank you so much, we’re so grateful!



I had some real issues in my life, and my girlfriend recommended that I see Christine to work them through.  Unfortunately, I’m based in New York, so it didn’t seem possible.  However, we were able to link up via the internet using Skype and I was amazed how much she was able to help me, even though we were thousands of miles away.



Dear Nigel, hank you so much for doing such a good job with my irrational fear of dentistry.  I find it hard to believe the difference it’s made.  When I visit my dentist now, instead of feeling numbed and petrified as usual, I feel quite relaxed and actually appreciative of what he’s doing for me!  Unbelievable!  It certainly has opened my eyes with regards to the benefits of hypnotherapy and how effective it can be.



Thank you so much for helping me – I f truly lighter and brighter!