Stress Issues

Feeling stress is actually a natural and normal part of life.  Different people can either cope with, or actually need, different levels of stress to feel comfortable and feel that their life is working for them.

Where stress can become an issue is when we feel we can’t cope with the amount we have, or that we don’t have the resilience to ‘bounce back’ or carry on during a particularly stressful period.

Most people are much more capable and resilient than they believe and at Advanced Hypnosis 4U we can help dismantle the subconscious barriers and blockages which prevent people from accessing those inner resources and dealing better with stress.  We can also help in situations where something in a person’s subconscious is keeping them trapped in a stressful situation which they’d prefer to leave.

There was a gentleman who was stressed about being the middle-man at work.  It turned out that his boss was reminding him of an aspect of his father that he couldn’t cope with.  Once he’d given the child inside himself the resources to cope better with his father, he had no more problems with his boss, or with stress.

And it isn’t only adults who get stressed.  A young lad who’d needed many operations was feeling very stressed out at the thought of yet more ‘prodding and poking’ as he called it.  With the help of Advanced Hypnosis 4U, he was able to come to terms with all his operations, and approach the next one with the comfortableness of a ‘beginner’.  He had much more resilience and ability to cope and, if the stress built up again, he knew where to come!

Whether your situation seems similar or quite different, if you’d like help with stress issues, please contact us.