Sleep Issues

There is a variety of reasons why someone might not sleep – sometimes their mind is whirring round and round and just won’t settle down, sometimes it’s because they’ve got out of the habit of resting properly and just wont stop when they need to, sometimes there’s something bothering them which shows itself by not letting them sleep.

A sleeping problem may also be a question of not being able to sleep properly – perhaps waking up in the night and not being able to get back to sleep, or waking up too early and not getting enough sleep, or only sleeping intermittently with many short periods of wakefulness.

Fortunately, whatever the nature of the sleeping problem, your subconscious can fix it – sleep issues respond very well to hypnosis.

As a small child, you knew how to sleep peacefully right through the night.   It’s natural to sleep peacefully and it’s unnatural to have a problem sleeping.  When you realise this, it’s easy to see that your subconscious can put it right, with help from Advanced Hypnosis 4U.

This was certainly the case for the gentleman who found that his night terrors quickly stopped, and for the woman who’d had a sleep problem for 20 years and who, after clearing up many things that she found difficult to cope with and after some good suggestion therapy, slept better than she had in years.  Or like the older gentleman who, once he’d come to terms with the way younger people were treating him, resumed a normal sleep pattern.

If you’d like help with sleep issues, please contact us.