Shyness Issues

Shyness comes from childhood – when children are shy, the adults around them can reinforce the idea until it becomes an identity.  The thing is, shyness is just a feeling of extreme anxiety and worry that somehow we won’t be liked or that we won’t ‘do it right’.

If you allow Advanced Hypnosis 4U to help the shy little person inside, if you give that little part of you the understanding and kindness he or she needed and didn’t get as a child, if you relive things as if you were outgoing and had all the resources you’d have had if someone had looked out for you way back then, then your behaviour today will change and you’ll no longer think of yourself as shy.

A young boy who came to us for shyness found a memory where boys had bullied him mercilessy.  In a hypnotic state, we helped him to imagine that he’d had someone to help him stand up to the bullies.  His subconscious mind related to that experience as if it were the truth, and his shyness went.

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