Self-Esteem Issues

Self-esteem is often an issue of unworthiness or lack of deserving, and usually arises from childhood perceptions which have persisted into adult life.  Sometimes people can go through life feeling fine about themselves until they have to go outside their comfort zones, or until a certain situation arises which triggers inadequacy, feelings of being unwanted, feelings of being ineffective, or feelings of being left out.

All these feelings arise from low self-esteem.  People with high self-esteem simply don’t feel these kinds of feelings.

When people do experience these feelings it can undermine their confidence, stop them from volunteering for positions for which they have ability, stop them from speaking out, or stop them from standing their ground when they should.  Many times it’s the reason why they can’t lose weight, or stick to the exercise routine they chose.  It’s the reason why they take things personally or argue rather than discuss, or what makes them over-sensitive.

People often live with these states all their lives, never questioning if things could be any better, when in fact they can.  Using advanced hypnosis techniques, Advanced Hypnosis 4U can help you to upgrade your sense of self and your behaviours, and help you to feel a whole lot better about yourself.

One lady knew she had many behaviours which were holding her back, and that she was feeling unloved and unworthy.  With our advanced techniques, we helped her to get rid all the unworthy and unloved feelings.  This in itself was reward enough but, to her surprise, she also spontaneously simply stopped eating food which didn’t suit her.  That’s the power of advanced hypnosis!

Whether your situation seems similar or quite different, if you’d like help with self-esteem issues, please contact us.