Relationship Issues

There are two types of relationship issues – external (issues with your spouse, your boss or family members) and internal (issues with yourself).

With external issues, no matter what the ins and outs of the situation, you have a history that’s impacting on you in such a way that you can’t work it out.

The reason you’re having a problem is that you’re no longer relating normally to the person you’re having the problem with.  Either you’re unconsciously projecting your unfinished business with someone else on them, or they’re projecting their unfinished business with someone else on you.  It’s also possible that you’re projecting your unfinished business with yourself on them, or vice-versa.

None of this is conscious, but your subconscious mind knows all about it – and it knows how to put a stop to the projection.

At Advanced Hypnosis 4U, we’ve worked with many relationship issues over the years.  In every case, we’ve found unfinished business of one kind or another.

Sometimes people have become so out of touch with themselves that they’re unaware of quite how things are affecting them.  Many times just giving people the opportunity to be themselves makes a huge difference to how they respond to the situations they find themselves in.

Often it’s your relationship to yourself that’s causing the most problems.  People who don’t speak up don’t get what they want.  People who only see things from their own point of view can miss the cues that they’re getting.

When people do the work on themselves, leaving the past in the past and having clarity in the here-and-now to relate effectively to the people they need to relate to, things improve substantially.

This was the case with the family who came to us one by one, each addressing the reason why they were reacting to each other instead of responding.  Things improved substantially for all of them after that.

If you’d like help with relationship issues of all kinds, please contact us.