Public Speaking

Studies show that the thing people fear most in life, often more than death itself, is public speaking.

When people have a problem with public speaking, something has happened in their life to cause them to lose their confidence.  At Advanced Hypnosis 4U we address this confidence issue and then give some very specific, tailored suggestions designed to help bring out the quality of speaking people wish to achieve.

Quite often there’s a childhood situation, a school situation or a social situation in the past which didn’t go right.  Once this has been put into perspective and the emotional, feeling mind feels better, your adult intellect takes over and the old unsettling feelings which held you back disappear.

A business lady who came to us wanting to improve her public speaking now speaks to large audiences at conferences all over the world with ease and grace, and is very much sought after.

If you’d like help with any aspect of public speaking, please contact us.