Phobias can be the most bizarre and irrational-seeming of fears.

Often they’re caused when something difficult to come to terms with happened at the same time as something else was going on – in your mind they became one and the same thing.  So you can have a phobia about cats which is really about thunderstorms, a phobia about flying which is really about small spaces, a phobia about oranges, or you could even have a phobia of the opposite sex.

You can have a phobia about public speaking, about mushrooms, or about buttons.  You can have a phobia about almost anything.  You can even ‘inherit’ a phobia from someone else, if you relate strongly enough to their experience!

You need to know that it’s not your fault – you couldn’t help it that things got fused together in your mind.  However, with hypnosis from Advanced Hypnosis 4U, you can separate the things you’re frightened of from the feelings which make you scared.

There was a young lady who was terrified of small animals.  She discovered that, in reality, as a small child she’d been afraid of the wriggling insects a nasty child had poured into her hand.  At this point she was free of her phobia.

Sometimes, if it’s straightforward, a phobia can be resolved in just one session.  Sometimes it may take three or four – it depends on how many links have been made in your mind.

If you’d like help with phobias of any kind, please contact us.