Panic Attacks

Having a panic attack is one way of responding to something you find hard to cope with.  It’s a way that your subconscious mind, the part of your mind which looks out for you, attempts to keep you safe.  There’s a part of your mind that’s trying to stop you doing anything that reminds you of the problem that set it off in the first place.  Once you realise this, you can have kindness towards for the situation you find yourself in.  Your subconscious really is trying to help.

Panic attacks can be stopped with hypnosis from Advanced Hypnosis 4U because in hypnosis we can negotiate with this over-protective part of your mind.  We can also resolve the original upsetting incident, bringing things back to normal.

One young girl came to us when she couldn’t go to town.  Once she’d resolved what she couldn’t consciously resolve (which had nothing to do with her going to town), she was able to go to town easily and happily.

If you’d like help with panic attacks, please contact us.