Painless Childbirth

Bringing new life into the world should be the most joyous and special occasions in your life, and Advanced Hypnosis 4U can help you have a much easier birth for your child.

In days gone by (and even still, in some less developed cultures not exposed to all our modern worries about childbirth), giving birth was often considered just another event to be taken in the mother’s stride.  It is, after all, something the human body is designed to do.

Using our methods, you too can take the birth of your child in your stride.  Using hypnosis, you can allay any unconscious fears you may have of childbirth, or of parenting.  You can also relax, switch off the pain mechanism and experience your body working as just a labour of love.

One client was so relaxed that her labour was only an hour.  She was in the bath bearing down, and when she was ready she simply walked downstairs to the birthing pool where she had an easy birth.  She later rang and told us that when her second child arrived she’d had no hypnosis, and she really noticed how much more painful it was than the first.

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