Life-Changing Issues

Life changing issues can be anything which unsettles your normal sense of comfort and wellbeing, for example: moving house, your partner having an affair, ending a relationship, moving cities, getting a new boss whom you don’t like as much as the previous one, a significant drop in income, a change in health, a company takeover, kids going to school, kids leaving home, your spouse working nights, success causing you to have to work more hours, your partner going into depression, having a new baby.

In any of these instances, you may find it hard to cope.  Because all our experiences are linked together with invisable emotional threads, any one of these changes could restimulate old feelings of hurt or inadequacy, anxiety or despair, loss or sadness.

Without realising it you could find yourself floundering and, when you do, help is at hand.

With the advanced techniques we use at Advanced Hypnosis 4U, we can help you put the past in the past and move towards your future with a clear mind and a light heart.

One couple were divorcing and felt they needed a space to express things. After one or two sessions, they found that help with adjusting to their new circumstances was what they really wanted. Once they had this help they were able to get on and make the changes to their lifestyles with kindness.

If you’d like help with life-changing issues of any kind, please contact us.