Eating / Weight

There are a variety of eating issues, and hypnotherapy from Advanced Hypnosis 4U can help with them all.

Some people simply have a couple of pounds or stones to lose.  They’re unhappy with their weight and have reached a size larger than they’d prefer.  These people have tried losing weight, without much success, and they may have been on and off many different diets.

In this instance, they’re eating more than they need to eat, and our job is to discover what drives the extra eating and disconnect it.  They’ll then naturally moderate their food intake so they can successfully lose the weight they wise to lose. Our five-session weight-loss programme helps you to Regan control over your eating.

One woman was about to have a gastric band fitted because she simply couldn’t stop eating.  When, through hypnotherapy, she discovered that she was compulsively eating in response to what she perceived as disapproval, we were able to help her put things into perspective and eat normally, whether or not people approved of her.  Within a year of normal eating, she was back to a slim, healthy and fit figure.

Anorexia and bulimia can also respond well to hypnotherapy.  For these more complex issues it can take a lot more exploration to achieve a result.  Anorexia and bulimia clients should continue to have their overall physical health regularly monitored by medial professionals while undergoing hypnotherapy.

Other examples of disordered eating include food phobias.  These start at some point, usually after something has happened, and can appear to be similar to anorexia.  However, there’s no body-image distortion with a food phobia, it’s simply an overwhelming aversion to a particular food or foods.

A young lad wouldn’t eat vegetables, meat or anything healthy or nutritious, and hadn’t done so since he was about ten.  It was causing him skin problems and lethargy.  When he revisited a memory of being shouted at while eating, he was able to understand his unconscious rebellious act and choose to eat healthily again.

If you’d like help with weight or eating disorders of any kind, please contact us.