Depression is rather a non-specific, blanket term, covering a wide range of symptoms.  However, it’s often characterised as feeling sad or unhappy, hopeless and having low self-esteem, over an extended period.

At Advanced Hypnosis 4U, we help people come to terms with the various specific experiences which have triggered their depression.  Once people feel more in control of their lives, once they’ve come to terms with the things that they didn’t even realise were exacerbating their upset state of mind, they feel better and they can cope better.

For one 16-year-old boy, who after his therapy was able to talk with his family about the things he was too scared to say, it resulted in a joyful new state of relaxed communication.

A woman with IBS and depression worked through some very sad and upsetting experiences that she couldn’t stomach, minimising the IBS and causing her to feel infinitely happier.

Whether your situation seems similar or quite different, if you’d like support in coping better with depression, please contact us.