Children’s Issues

Children respond so easily to hypnosis – unlike adults, their issues haven’t been there for years and years, and so aren’t ingrained.

At Advanced Hypnosis 4U, we use a very playful approach with children, and they have such vivid and easily accessible imaginations.

We’ve had sweaty palms return to normal after just one session, children who’ve been compulsively eating stop it, and children who act up normalise their behaviour.  Nose picking has stopped, children’s nightmares have stopped too.

Strong fears have been turned into great strength, as with a lad who was so scared of balloons that he couldn’t even walk into a room with a balloon in it.  We used advanced hypnosis to help him, and worked closely with his parents to create a desensitisation programme which got him so comfortable with popping balloons that he later went on to happily attended firework displays and pyrotechnic shows!  He received a certificate for his achievement and was rewarded with a visit to see our kittens.  We often reward children like that.

Some of our children are older teens, or anxious university students who go on to pass their exams.  We also work with children who’ve taken badly to their parents’ divorce and help them come to terms with things and get their life back on track.

If you’d like us to help your child with anything which isn’t working for them, please contact us.