Is Alcohol or Drug use becoming a problem?

At Advanced Hypnosis 4U, we can assist you with alcohol, drug and other addiction issues.  Although hypnosis is very helpful in these matters, it also takes full cooperation and commitment from you.

There are two types of people with alcohol problems.

Some people know that alcohol isn’t working for them, and they either want to cut down the amount they drink or cut out alcohol altogether.  These people are holding it together, and their life is working in spite of the alcohol.  They respond very well to hypnotherapy, and their strong conscious desire to change means that they get a good result with their subconscious.

Drinking too much can be a habit, or driven by an unconscious motive – as simple as boredom or as painful as deep unresolved loss.  In either case, their mind is running a faulty programme and, using hypnosis, we can help to deactivate it.

Then there are people who are drinking as much as a litre of spirits or more a day, which is extremely dangerous for them.  If they seriously want to do something about it, we can still help.  However, they must be getting the proper guidance from their local Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre about how to cut down safely, and we cannot work with people who have been drinking before their session.

If you’d like help with alcohol or other addictions, please contact us.