When someone has an obsession, they literally can’t help doing the thing that they’re doing.  Eating can become an obsession.  Checking whether or not you’ve locked the car door can become an obsession.  People can even become obsessed with a thought or an idea.

Obsessions can be triggered by many things – bullying, abuse or neglect, or significant life events, like a bereavement or the birth of a child.  Whatever your obsession is, having access to the part of your part which knows everything about you gives you the opportunity to find out when and why it first started, and the freedom to choose to stop it.

One man was so consumed by the idea that someone would break into his house and steal his things that he felt he had to nail any important documents to his kitchen table, and he couldn’t leave his house without checking every door and window a dozen times.  After only one session of hypnotherapy from Advanced Hypnosis 4U he was able to put his concerns into perspective, file his documents more appropriately and just do a single security check before going out.

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