Medical Hypnosis

When someone’s ill, there’s a lot you can do with medical hypnosis to help – even relaxation alone can boost the immune system.  When we work with medical hypnosis, we teach you to go to your subconscious and use hypnotic phenomena to help manage your pain and/or your condition.  This often results in significant reduction of symptoms and improved quality of life.

For example, when you have a migraine the blood goes to your head, and it’s the high blood pressure that makes it feel so bad.  We can show you how to draw the blood back down into your hands and reduce or even prevent the pain from occurring.  Similarly, the frequency and intensity of asthma attacks can be reduced by retraining your body to relax deeply instead of tensing when you feel an attack coming on.

One client had very high blood pressure which wasn’t responding to conventional treatment.  After a couple of sessions with Advanced hypnosis 4U, it came out that he was adding huge amounts of salt to everything he ate.  Simply heightening his perception of salt resulted in the elimination of excess salt from his diet and his blood pressure quickly returned to normal.

Another condition which responds well to medical hypnosis is fibromyalgia – typically diagnosed when you experience pain in six or more different areas of your body, and which is associated with poor sleep and reduced cognitive ability (also known as ‘fibro-fog’).  While everyone responds differently, one client reported a 95% reduction in symptoms after treatment and that she was once more able to get on with her life.

If you’d like help with any kind of Medical Issues, please contact us.