Loss & Grief

When you lose someone close to you, it can be devestating and really rock your world.  Everything you’ve experienced with the person you’ve lost forms part of the emotion of grief.  Revisiting those memories in hypnosis can do a great deal to alleviate the intensity of your feelings.

When you lose someone not so close and it still seems as if you’re broken-hearted, the feelings can be caused by a phenomenon which sometimes occurs.  Sometimes the smaller loss brings up all the feelings you couldn’t feel with a previous, greater loss.

At Advanced Hypnosis 4U, we can help you to come to terms with all those old feelings, so you feel much better.

Sometimes, when you feel loss very acutely, it’s because something about the experience didn’t go right.  That again is something we can help you to come to terms with, so you don’t feel so bad.

There was a gentleman who was unhappy about the way the hospital treated his mother.  He’d been drinking excessively for years, not knowing what was upsetting him, and he just couldn’t stop.  Once we’d helped him come to terms with this experience (and a couple of others), his drinking normalised and he was happy to face the world again.

Sometimes it’s a question of not feeling comfortable looking towards the future without your loved one.  Again, with advanced hypnosis, we can make this easier for you.

If you’d like help with any kind of loss or grief, please contact us.