Balloon Phobia

At Advanced Hypnosis 4U, we deal with all kinds of children’s issues, including balloon phobia.  A balloon phobia can be very disturbing for a child because it really does frighten them, and it can exclude them from all the fun.

Our approach to this problem begins with hypnosis and, as progress happens, includes very gentle desensitisation.  We encourage parents to participate and help with this desensitisation.

We worked with one young lad who was petrified if he was even in a room with a balloon.  After his hypnosis, and supported by his dad, we had him first pop tiny 2″ balloons under the bedclothes.  He then quickly progressed to popping balloons on an obstacle course around his garden, created for him by his mum.  After quite a short time he even became completely comfortable going to pyrotechnic shows with his brothers.

If you’d like help to help your child with a balloon phobia, please contact us.