Anxiety can have a wide variety of causes and manifest itself in many different ways.  It can simply be a habit, or part of your sense of self.  It can also originate from some stressful times in your past, or from hidden grief or fear.

Advanced Hypnosis 4U can help with a combination of suggestions to break the habit, coupled with advanced techniques to disconnect the need to respond to life situations with anxiety.

For example, one client was a gentleman who was drinking too much and wouldn’t go outside. Work on old grief and old fear freed him to stop the excessive drinking, gave him a new lease on life and the freedom to go out.

Another client was a teenager who couldn’t go to town.  When we pinpointed what started this behaviour and used some of our techniques to help her, she was free to come and go with ease.

Whether your situation seems similar or quite different, if you’d like help with anxiety, please contact us.