Are you Accident-Prone?

When you’ve got into the habit of having accidents, somehow they just keep happening! Fortunately, accident-proneness is a condition which responds very well to hypnotherapy because there’s something you’re doing which perpetuates the accidents. You won’t consciously know what that is but, in a state of relaxed hypnosis, you can find out.  Having found out, we can ask your subconscious to find another way of behaving which is safer for you.

Many years ago I had a client who automatically switched off if shocked, and this behaviour was causing her to have accidents while driving.  Until her hypnotherapy she didn’t even know that she had this behaviour.  Once she discovered it, her subconscious decided to make her more focussed and alert instead of switched off, and her driving became much safer.  It’s remained safe for over nineteen years.

If you’ve noticed that you have a lot of accidents, your situation may not be the same but your subconscious will know just what to do to help you.

If you’d like us to help your subconscious to stop you being accident-prone, please contact us.